Start to C-H-A-N-G-E the public face of A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A away from it's old national images of public intolerance, racism and lack of compassion.


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Help meet funeral travel expenses for TJ Hickey's grieving family and community - see website and mail addresses to send a condolence.


Trisha Frail-Gibbs Coordinator Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women's Legal Centre (02) 9569 3847

I have spoken to the family regarding all of the emails that are going around requesting money to pay for TJ's funeral.   They have asked me to pass on their thanks to those who have expressed their sympathy and support regarding the passing of TJ. However they wanted people to know the donations that they are seeking is not for the funeral.   The family has paid for the funeral and are offended that people are assuming that is what the donation request is for.  The donation request is to assist those who are traveling to Walget for the funeral.   As the majority of people within Australia would or should know within our Aboriginal culture we support families who are grieving for the lose of their love ones.  The support differs in many ways however the main support we offer is to organise wakes and and pay our last respects by attending funerals. At times it is financially impossible to travel to funerals, this is such an occasion.  So many people contacted TJ's family expressing their sorrow in not being able to attend TJ's funeral because of financial restraints.   It is for this reason and this reason only that the family is requesting donations.  So if you do have any spare funds and would like to donate to this worthy cause than the family of TJ and the Aboriginal community of Walget would greatly appreciate any donations.  Her details are as follows: 

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Branch: Mt Druitt

Branch number (BSB): 062-317

Account no: 000661332

Account name: E G Hickey


On behalf of TJ's family thanks to those who are supporting this cause.  Your support comes in many ways, however the more support we put on our politicians to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the better it will be for us.

 NB: If you passed the previous emails to other email lists then please pass this email on to that same lists.   

Help us become a humanitarian community and commit to making AUSTRALIA CHANGE.



Your personal messages to just the family of T Hickey can go to:

E G Hickey

92 Warrena Street

Walget NSW 2832

There is an updated condolence site:

*As more information comes in you may have to click refresh to see most current page*

if you are doing internet transfers of a funeral donation here is the info you need:

Bank:Commonwealth Bank

Branch: Mt Druitt

Branch number: (BSB): 062-317

Account no000661332

Account name:E G Hickey

Please be reassured of the following: Ms Hickey gave her bank account details to a local organisation, which (with her consent and knowledge), passed them on to other organisations and individuals who expressed a wish to help the family with funeral expenses. 

Any donations would be gratefully received.

 For more details about what happened-

Hello - and thanks for the interest !

If you have come this far, then you may as well go on to read this 1923 Ngarrindjeri mother's petition, which the South Australia Governor never officially received, and was probably dumped ! Shame !

(Brought to the Ngarrindjeri Nation, Australia and the world by:

You too can join us at:

IT'S TIME Australia Changed, and owned up to it's long hidden and DENIED black history !


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Peace Embassy BULLETIN – Saturday 21 February 2004


A submission that is now with Noosa Shire Council for the use of an old

Scout Hall in Pomona for the headquarters of the first of many Peace

Embassies for children " A place where promises to children are kept" to

be set up around the world. How this came about is a very special

inspiring story that shows nothing is impossible. A little more then three years ago an unemployed granma made a promise to her third grandchild that she would work to make it a better world for her and all children by the year 2015. Where it is now at and the people involved is so amazing and hard to believe.



this link is to the submission which is now with the Noosa Council


the site in now being build so make sure you go

through security when you visit, to see how it will be a very personal

interactive website for children and adults who visit.


I can be contacted by mobile 0401233244 or by email.


love peace and a hug



Kerry Bowden

One Mind One Voice

Alliance for the New Humanity

Peace Embassy


Giving PEACE to every child